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ELSE: version 0.9.19 released!

The ELSE is an open source software I'm coding. It's designed for the analysis of Postfix SMTP server logs as well as Microsoft Echange 2010/2013 Server logs. It provides dashboards and security features for your email flows.

Dear Community,

X-Itools E-mail Log Search Engine and Postfix Policy Server version 0.9.19 has just been released as a tar.gz archive.
As usual, take a look at the README file for the revision history.

The archive is there:

Documentation is available in the Sourceforge Wiki pages of this project, there:

Some new features of 0.9.19:
- The GreyLSE Postfix Policy Server has a built-in SPF engine, and SPF rules can be implemented using the ELSE Web user Interface
- The ELSE implements GeoIP and Google MAPS: it's possible to see the location of any IP Address on a google MAP. Easy to know where is this famous spamming email server impacting your users.

X-Itools E-mail Log Search Engine version 0.9.19 Virtual Machine has been released. This VM has been made for demonstration purpose only and is just ready for use right after you click on the "Start VM" button of Oracle VirtualBox.

All information in the "Demo VMs" Wiki's section there: Don't forget to read it! :)

Enjoy :)