ELSE: version 0.9.18 released!

The ELSE is an open source software I'm coding. It's designed for the analysis of Postfix SMTP server logs as well as Microsoft Echange 2010/2013 Server logs. It provides dashboards and security features for your email flows.

Dear Community,

X-Itools E-mail Log Search Engine version 0.9.18 has just been released as a tar.gz archive.
As usual, take a look at the README file for the revision history.

The archive is there: https://sourceforge.net/projects/x-itools/files/X-Itools%20releases/E-mail%20Log%20Search%20Engine/

Also, we still have to finish the documentations, but some is already available in the Sourceforge Wiki pages of this project, there: http://sourceforge.net/p/x-itools/wiki/Documentation%20for%20Users/

Some new features of 0.9.18:
- The biggest feature is the availability of the RTAAM engine, that could be defined as an E-mail flow threats detection and prevention system, or as an E-mail Firewall solution, or as a mix of "Postfix/Anvil", "Fail2ban", "Firewall", "Monitoring", "Reporting"
- The ELSEMC implements RAWL: Recipient Auto White Listing
- The ELSEre can show you statistics as "age pyramids"

If you want to test the software, a virtual machine is also available, for demonstration purposes only. All details are on Sourceforge.

Enjoy :)

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